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You can mini bulbs string inform by the name that Lean and Fab is supposed to assist you, get lean and appear “fabulous” .  But, does it work?  The internet site certain provides the impression it does but what are the actual details?  Is it a scam?  Let’s wayfair basic now overview Lean and Fab and its ingredients and prospective bulbs string light side effects and attempt to assist you see bulbs string light if it could possibly be suitable for you.

Lean And Fab Site

When I went to the Lean mini bulbs string and Fab website on 9/20/11 a handful of issues jumped out at me.  The initial issue was that most of the images of the females on the Lean and Fab web-site were of Asian /Polynesian decent.  This created me assume that Lean and Fab might be created outside of the US, possibly the Philippines.

The other issue bulbs string light about the Lean and Fab web page is that it is really difficult to uncover the address for the business that tends to make this product.  It’s only soon after bulbs string light I asked a Lean and Fab distributor that I learn that this solution is created by a organization referred to as International Fusion (GFI-Force.com) a firm that markets quite a few dietary supplements.

When I go to the GFI-Force website, I see that the address of the Worldwide Fusion Company is “Unit 12, two/F Madison Square Ortigas, Ortigas Ave., cor. Madison St., San Juan Metro mini bulbs string Manila 1503 Philippines”

Lean and Fab Ingredients

Lean and Fab includes the following components according to the product website:

  • Forslean     one hundred mg
  • Citrin         300 mg
  • Fabenol      95 mg
  • Bioperine   5 mg

There is also a “synergy of ingredients” image on the web site to give people today an concept of what these components are supposed to do. According to the picture:

  • Forslean is a “fat breaker and lean physique mass enhancer”
  • Citrin is a “fat burner and appetite suppressant”
  • Fabenol is a “carbohydrate and fat blocker”
  • Bioperine “enhances thermogenic activity”

Let’s look at every single bulbs string light ingredient and see if these statements have any proof.



You may possibly have seen Forslean listed in other supplements as forskolin or Coleus Forskohlii.  Forskolin finds itself mini bulbs string in many weight loss supplements regardless of a great deal proof that it operates.

A single modest study mini bulbs string from Wayfair Basics\u2122 2005 (15 men got forskolin and 15 got mini bulbs string a placebo) noted that 500 mg of coleus forskohlii lowered physique fat following three months of use. There was also a non considerable increase in testosterone levels also.

This is almost certainly the study behind the claim that Forslean is a “lean physique mass enhancer.”

This study utilized 500 mg wayfair basic of bulbs string light coleus forskohlii.  Lean and Fab only has 100 mg.

One more study on forskolin from 2005 identified that coleus forskohliii may lower the re-gaining of weight  but it had no impact on weight loss.

As for the claim that forslean is a fat blocker, I do not know bulbs string light exactly where they get this facts from.  I can’t find any proof that forslean blocks fat or carbs.

For more on Forslean also see my overview of Forslean and weight loss.


The word “citrin” is a extremely vague name.  It is only right after I go to the Lean and Fab website that I find out that this ingredient is truly Garcinia Cambogia, a supplement that is identified in several weight loss supplements. Here is my review of Garcinia Cambogia for extra information

This is why citrin is also named “GarCitrin” on the Lean and Fab internet site. Yet another name mini bulbs string for this ingredient is HCA or hydroxycitric acid.

I think they call mini bulbs string this ingredient “Citrin” to try to make folks assume it’s diverse from other supplements that contact it garcinia cambogia.

There are all sorts of scientific diagrams on the Lean and Fab web page to show you how great GarCitrin is, but contrary to these claims, the investigation currently is mixed as to whether or not it performs or not.  Some research has noted that garcinia cambogia may possibly lessen appetite.

Contrary to the Lean and Fab internet site, the claim about garcinia cambigia and fat oxidation (fat burning) does not seem to be based in good proof.

Citrin has basically been in employed several other weight loss supplements that I’ve currently looked at like HealtheTrim, SlimFuel and the diabetes supplement, DiabX.

There are lots of Garcina cambogia goods Wayfair Basics\u2122 on on line. Here is Garcinia cambogia supplement on Amazon that has gotten various very good critiques.


The Lean and Fab internet site says this is an “alpha amylase inhibitor” but that is just fancy talk for a carb blocker that is derived from kidney beans (also mini bulbs string named Phaseolus vulgaris).  In other supplements this product is at times called “bean pod extract” or Phaseolium.

I assume Fabenol is the ingredient behind the “Fab” in Lean and Fab. Either way, Fabenol is an invented name and is not scientifically valid.


Tip.  Anytime you see the prefix “phas” or “phase” in a supplement name, it commonly refers to a carbohydrate blocker supplement (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Alpha amylase is an enzyme mini bulbs string that breaks down carbs.  If you inhibit this enzyme, in theory, you avert carbs from being digested and stored as fat.  At least that’s the theory behind carb blocker supplements.


When it comes to this carb blocker and weight loss, it’s a toss-up.  some studies find it did aid weight wayfair basic loss but other individuals noted that it didn’t aid.

A supplement that has shown up in weight loss investigation is a item named Phase 2. Right here is Phase 2 on Amazon for these who want to compare prices.

The study finding that the carb blocker helped weight loss utilized more than 400 mg – which is a LOT more than the 95 mg that Lean and Fab has.

Interestingly, the study that discovered Phaseolus bulbs string light vulgaris did not help weight loss utilised even a lot more – 1500 mg!

Personally, I don’t assume the tiny amount of Fabenol in Lean wayfair basic and Fab will have any effect on weight loss.

I’ve generally identified it funny / ironic that this carb blocker comes from beans – which are themselves a carbohydrate!


This is one more wayfair basic name for an extract from Black Pepper (Piper longum) and is also named Indian Lengthy Pepper.  This extract is known to boost the wayfair basic absorption of other supplements as effectively as drugs.

So, the hope is that bioperine increases the absorption – and the effectiveness – wayfair basic of the other ingredients in Lean and Fab.

Bioperine is also incorporated in the weight loss supplement, Apidexin that I’ve currently reviewed, for the very same reason.

The Thrive Patch, which is used for weight loss and energy also includes derivative of black pepper. See that critique for a run down on its evidence.

Recommended Lean And Fab Intake

The internet site of Lean and Fab offers folks an idea of how a lot of Lean and Fab capsules to take based on how substantially weight men and women want to shed.  This ranges from 1-2 capsules a day for these who want to lose 5-ten pounds to 4-6 capsules for those needing to lose 30-40 Wayfair Basics\u2122 pounds.

My question is how did they arrive at these dosages?  Where is the proof that these dosages are appropriate?

 Lean And Fab Side Effects

As far as I can tell Lean and Fab has under no circumstances been tested clinically in a published study to see if it has any side effects.  As a result, we will have to look at its ingredients to get an idea.  These are worse case scenarios based on what could take place with these ingredients.  I do not know if the similar items would take place if you take Lean and Fab itself. For all I know, Lean and Fab wayfair basic is likely safe in healthful people today.

Forslean might have a blood thinner effect so be cautious if you take blood thinners.  Forslean may well also cause a drop in blood pressure which could be unsafe if persons take drugs for heart illness or higher blood pressure.

Citrin (garcinia cambogia).  This supplement does concern me a small for the reason that of quite a few case reports of liver failure connected with supplements that have contained garcinia cambogia.

In one particular case report from 2007, a 45 year old overweight woman died from liver failure following 1 week of working with a supplement that contained garcinia cambogia. In the previous HydroxyCut has also been connected with liver failure.

HydroxyCut was stated to include garcinia cambogia (also called hydroxy citric acid or HCA).  I checked the HydroxyCut web-site just prior to posting this critique and garcinia cambogia is no longer listed as an ingredient in HydroxyCut.

To be fair, for the reason that supplements contain numerous ingredients it is tough to say what brought on liver challenges.   Also, not all researchers think that hydroxycitric acid causes liver failure.

In my evaluation of garcinia cambogia, I listed the study on liver failure and noted that they all have 1 factor in prevalent. All the research mentions Hydroxycut particularly. So was it garcinia cambogia or Hydroxycut that brought on the troubles? See my evaluation for a lot more data

Fabenol. In healthy people Fabenol (bean pod extract, AKA Phaseolus vulgaris) is in all probability safe.  Diabetics ought to preserve a close eye on mini bulbs string their blood sugar levels simply because in theory, Fabenol may reduce blood sugar.

Bioperine. When not substantially is recognized about Bioperine side effects, this compound may possibly – in theory – enhance the absorption of medications you are taking.  wayfair basic I’m guessing on this based on what they say about Bioperine enhancing the absorption of other supplements.  I wish persons would do more investigation Bioperine side effects.


Does Lean And Fab Operate?

If you do not decrease the quantity of calories you eat, I don’t consider Lean wayfair basic and mini bulbs string Fab will perform.  On the other hand if you do reduce your calories, there may possibly be some thing to the ingredient, Citrin –hydroxy citric acid.  Even although the proof on hydroxycitric acid is mixed and there are only mini bulbs string a couple of research, this ingredient does has additional evidence than the other components in Lean and Fab. I consider Lean and Fab is a crab shoot at best but… Right here it is on Amazon if you want Wayfair Basics\u2122 to read the comments from others.

What do you assume?

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