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Not considering that “Physique For Life” has there been a diet regime and exercising plan as well known as P90X.  If you have watched the P90X videos you’ve likely heard about the recovery drink.  Just after I had previously wrote a Shakeology evaluation I became interested in state applique the P90X benefits and recovery formula, which is one of the P90X supplements sold on the Beachbody internet site.  Is it superior than other health and fitness shakes?  I create these words as somebody who has no vested interest in Beachbody, P90X or any P90X supplements or goods so that you have the facts you want to make a choice that is suitable for you.

Fundamentally the P90X recovery drink is a meal replacementP90x Recovery drink shake in the sense that it is to be utilised right after exercise as a more hassle-free option to consuming meals. Due to the fact it really is a liquid, in theory, the nutrients might be absorbed faster, fostering more rapidly replenishment of muscle and liver glycogen  (carbohydrate reserves) and superior muscle protein repair. This, so the state applique logic goes, theory may help people recover quicker after exercise.

P90X Recovery Drink Ingredients

two scoops (60 grams/about two oz) has 220 calories

Total fat state applique width=”246″>2 g                3% DV
Saturated fat .five g            2.5 DV
Cholesterol 30 mg         10% DV
Sodium 150 mg       6% DV
Potassium 147 mg       4% DV
Total carbohydrate 39 g            13% DV
Dietary fiber <1 g             three% DV
Sugars six g
Protein 10 g
Vitamin A 60%
Vitamin C 750%
Vitamin E state applique valign=”top” width=”246″>500%
Thiamine 30%
Riboflavin 30%
Niacin 30%
Vitamin B6 30%
Vitamin B 12 30%
Calcium five%
Phosphorous 7%
Magnesium 60%
L Arginine 700 mg
L Glutamine 500 mg
Creatine (creatine monohydrate) 500 mg

The calories, fat and saturated fat are related to other fitness and recovery drinks.

Most of the vitamins and minerals in the P90X Recovery Drink are located in other fitness shakes so I want to concentrate on just a handful of of the more interesting components.

Protein. The recovery shake only has ten grams of protein. That is not significantly contemplating the recovery drink is being marketed to men and women who strength train.  Even Guarantee has a lot more protein than the P90X drink.

To stimulate muscle protein synthesis – which is required for muscle state applique recovery – several studies state applique locate that anywhere from 20-60 grams of protein may be essential right after exercising. Applying ten grams may als0 perform, but I suspect not as well – specially for those engaged in intense strength coaching.

Vitamin C. Why is there so a lot vitamin C in the P90X drink?  The label says there is 750% of the RDA for state applique vitamin C. I can only assume of 3 motives why so much vitamin C would be in a wellness drink:

1. vitamin C is an antioxidant

two. to assist immunity which may be weakened by as well much exercising

3. to decrease muscle soreness

Even though vitamin C is an antioxidant, such issues perform greatest when they are employed in conjunction with other antioxidants. As for assisting immunity, vitamin C may do this but there is no very good proof of it in wholesome persons.

Can vitamin C lessen muscle soreness? This is a big claim that made by Beachbody when they industry this item. There is some questionable investigation on this topic but most analysis finds vitamin C does not assist DOMS. I see no superior scientific proof that the P90X drink reduces muscle soreness (DOMS).

On what investigation does Beachbody base their claim that their recovery drink reduces muscle soreness?

The recovery drink also includes 500% of the RDA for vitamin E. Once more I have to ask the question why? Vitamin E Breeze Decor is an antioxidant but exactly where is the proof that 500 % of the RDA does something specific? Also, what type of Vitamin E does it contain? It’s probably alpha tocopherol because that’s the most plentiful in the body but the other sorts enable us also.

Notice that the P90X drink nutrition label does not inform us the actual amounts of vitamins and minerals. Rather we are only told the percentage of RDA of every single nutrient. That’s odd Just about every nutrition label I’ve ever noticed gave each the amount AND the percent of RDA.


Why does the P90X recovery drink include arginine? If you ask most fitness individuals they’ll tell you arginine improves blood flow. This is supposed to aid muscle recovery and repair and is the explanation that arginine is the principle ingredient in those nitric oxide supplements you may possibly have heard of.

Even though this logic sort of tends to make sense, right here are some facts about arginine that nobody desires you to know:

  • Arginine is a state applique non-critical amino acid. Our bodies make this stuff.
  • Nonessential amino acids do not aid build muscle like critical amino acids do

Arginine plus the supplement  HMB (which the P90X recovery drink does not have), may possibly enable decrease muscle loss in individuals who have HIV and AIDS.

But, as for healthier men and women who exercise…the combo doesn’t operate.

Force aspect has arginine also. Verify out that overview for far more insights.

Also when we are speaking about increasing muscle mass in these with HIV Breeze Decor and AIDS, 14 grams of arginine was applied effectively in analysis. The P90X recovery drink only has a piddly 700 mg (significantly less than 1 gram).

Right here is the major reason why you dont will need arginine. The research on arginine supplements stems mostly from its use in two groups of men and women:

1. Guys who have erection troubles

two. Persons who have heart disease

Nitric oxide is associated to how Viagra functions.  See my evaluation on erection supplements for far more info.

If this is so – and it is – why is arginine in a recovery drink that’s marketed to healthful people? Does that make sense? It does not to me.

Now let’s shed light on glutamine. The P90X recovery drink contains 500 mg of glutamine.  There is indeed research on glutamine – but not on who you consider…

Glutamine is also a non essential state applique amino acid – so you and I make it.

Glutamine is frequently Breeze Decor mentioned to enable individuals state applique recover from intense tension. Truth be told, glutamine state applique does seem to do this. Glutamine has been shown to support recovery in:

  • men and women who have HIV/AIDS
  • people who have cancer
  • people today who have undergone surgery

A lot of the glutamine study also use intravenous glutamine – not glutamine supplements. IV glutamine is not the similar as an orally taken glutamine supplement.

But what about weight lifters and bodybuilders? They have to have glutamine correct? Bodybuilding magazines want you to consider so but I can not come across any published peer reviewed evidence that glutamine supplements assist recovery healthier folks or bodybuilders or weight lifters. Investigation, so far, finds that glutamine supplements do Breeze Decor NOT support weight lifters.

Glutamine supplements may well enhance immune systems in tough core aerobic athletes (consider Lance Armstrong). But the amount is significantly far more than is in the P90X recovery drink.

The amount of glutamine used in strength training research has been 3 grams a day -which is extra Breeze Decor state applique than the 1/2 gram that is in the P90X recovery drink. Taking three grams doesn’t work either – so why does Beachbody believe 500 mg will function?

For much more insights study my glutamine assessment.

So, if the glutamine study is mainly on sick people today and  to a lesser extent on elite, aerobic athletes, why is state applique glutamine in a recovery house flag drink marketed to healthier men and women who probably are not operating the Iron Man Triathlon?


When it comes to muscle building supplements creatine is king of the mountain – and that’s why it really is in the P90X recovery drink. The recovery drink only has 1/2 gram of creatine per serving.  That is not as substantially as a bodybuilder might take (3 – five grams is the regular “maintenance” dose).  Nevertheless, it is probable that muscle creatine levels would be depleted after exercising so the addition of creatine does make some sense.

Try to remember that that creatine will bring about you to gain weight. It’s not muscle – its water.  Water weight retention is the most consistent side effect of creatine supplements.

The recovery drink utilizes creatine monohydrate and that is excellent. Creatine monohydrate is the kind that has been utilised in 99% of creatine research more than the final 30 Breeze Decor state applique years.

Men and women usually wonder if creatine causes injuries or if creatine is safe for children. Study my reviews on these topics for additional insights.  Also check out my critique on cycling creatine as nicely.

So do you have to have the P90X recovery formula? When I checked, the recovery drink expense about $50 a month. That is a lot to pay for what is generally a creatine supplement with a small carbs and protein tossed in.

What do you consider?

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