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The weight loss supplement, Healthe Trim claims to make you Higher School Skinny. That is a phrase I never ever heard just before, probably conceived to to get individuals to long for the very good old days” I guess?  I wasn’t skinny in high college so I under no circumstances had those great old days, but in any event, let’s look at the ingredients in Healthe Trim and learn how it operates. Thanks to Cindy, a single of the readers of my internet site, for turning me on to Healthe Trim.

Healthe Trim Clinical Study

On Healthe Trim website there is a clinical study reporting to be proof of how nicely Healthe Trim operates. The study is mentioned to be a placebo controlled double blind study that lasted 30 days and Caroline’s Treasures consisted of 60 folks. The study is mentioned to have occurred in 2009. Right here is what they don’t tell you about this study:

1.  Exactly where this study was is published? There is no listing to exactly where this study was published. If the study was not published in a healthcare journal then it is not peer reviewed and holds really small weight in my book.

2.  Who performed this study? Was it the Healthe Trim Enterprise? Was it a college student? They don’t inform us who did the Healthe Trim study. I have no issues with Healthe Trim conducting its personal research. I would just like to know who did it.

3.  How substantially weight did the placebo group shed? patriotic indoor\/outdoor This is a biggie! The study is stated to be a placebo controlled study. That is excellent. They inform us that the persons acquiring Healthe Trim lost an typical of 2.43 pounds.

How substantially did the placebo group lose? They do not tell us. What if the placebo group also lost two.43 pounds? What if the placebo group lost more weight than these who got Healthe Trim? If we do not know how substantially weight the placebo group lost, then the two.43 pounds lost by the Healthe Trim group signifies nothing.

four.  What was the placebo made use of in the study? If the men and women in the study could tell the distinction amongst who was finding Healthe Trim patriotic indoor\/outdoor and who was finding the placebo, then the study is much less precious. They say men and women couldn’t tell the distinction patriotic indoor\/outdoor between Healthe Trim and placebo but any fantastic study would inform us what the placebo was.

In my book these four concerns are red flags about how fantastic this study was.

Healthe Trim Components

When I looked at the Healthe patriotic indoor\/outdoor trim web site ( I notice a lot of ingredients that I’ve seen patriotic indoor\/outdoor in other merchandise. The following ingredients are prominently displayed on the Healthe Trim web-site.

Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia is very common in weight loss supplements despite the overwhelming lack of proof that hoodia supplements work.

The Healthe Trim web site has an audio file of Medical professional Oz talking about Hoodia to some radio disk jockey (Dr Oz is not speaking about Healthe Trim  – though the DJ is). Dr. Oz says “Hoodia Works –as an appetite suppressant.

Note. Doctor Oz did not say hoodia causes weight loss.

A different factor Doctor Oz does not mention is that you have to Caroline’s Treasures consume the raw root of the Hoodia plant. That is not the identical as taking a hoodia supplement.

I will not reinvent the wheel about hoodia so right here is my evaluation Hoodia does it assist weight loss and my review of the Hoodia Patch – another patriotic indoor\/outdoor hoodia weight loss solution.  If you search my web site, you will see several other weight loss supplements that include hooodia also.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Like hoodia quite a few weight loss supplements contain green tea Caroline’s Treasures or green tea extracts as well. This is because men and women consider green tea is healthier AND mainly because green tea includes caffeine.

Caffeine has a mild fat burning effect. When people today say that Healthe Trim gives them energy, this is likely the ingredient that does it. How substantially caffeine is in Healthe Trim? They do not Caroline’s Treasures say. For much more info, right here are a number of other supplements that include green tea:

  • Suitable Size Smoothies 
  • Avesil
  • Lipozene
  • Zi Xiu Tang
  • SlimQuick


I could not find any published study displaying that resveratrol causes weight loss in humans. There is nonetheless some resveratrol weight loss analysis on lab animals.

In lab rats resveratrol seems to slow the aging approach. That’s good but where is the proof it assists persons shed weight? I’ve under no circumstances seen any investigation. If you discover any let me know.

Caralluma Fimbriata

This is a cactus like plant and as such also is often discovered in weight loss supplements that include hoodia gordonii. There is a caralluma fimbriata weight loss study. In this study, 50 males and ladies had been provided 1000 mg a day of caralluma fimbriata for two months.

These who got caralluma fimbriata reported a reduced appetite and Caroline’s Treasures had smaller sized waist circumferences compared to those who received a placebo. How a great deal caralluma fimbriata is in Healthe Trim? The web site does not say.

When I known as Healthe Trim they did not want to inform me how much caralluma fimbriata was in Healthe Trim. The client service rep I spoke with told me that the amounts of components in Healthe Trim are not listed because they are portion of a proprietary blend, which stops others from duplicating their recipe.

That does not make sense to me for the reason that I was able to find the caralluma fimbriata weight loss study I just summarized in about five minutes. Considering the fact that there is a study that specifies an actual quantity of caralluma fimbriata (1000 mg), then don’t you believe they should really be touting the amount of caralluma fimbriata in Healthe Trim? But they don’t. Why?

People really should demand to know the level of caralluma fimbriata in Healthe Trim.

Coix Seed

I reviewed coix seed in my overview of the weight loss supplement Lovely Slim Body. Im not conscious of any human studies showing it aids weight loss.

Other Ingredients In Healthe Trim

These were not prominently displayed.

Caroline’s Treasures style=”text-align: left”>Poria Cocos

This is a type of mushroom that has incredibly preliminary investigation on a number of problems but when it comes to weight loss, I can’t discover anything.

Cassia Seed

This is identified in other goods like Zi Xiu Tang and Lovely Slim Body

Lotus Leaf

Lotus leaf is discovered in numerous supplements including but not limited to

  • Phentraburn
  • Important Elements
  • Pink Magic

Water Plantain

In some cultures this is employed for urinary tract infections. When it comes to weight loss, I see no analysis to support its use.


No weight loss proof.


This is an amino acid. The Healthe Trim web site says methionine is supposed to “support liver function”. What they do not tell you is that methionine aids the liver – if you have been poisoned by taking too significantly acetaminophen (Tylenol). Acetaminophen can harm the liver if you take as well significantly.

The other factor they do not tell you is that in quite high amounts methionine can lead to death. It takes a tremendous quantity of methionine to do this. For example, a 160 pound particular person it would take more than 7 grams. That patriotic indoor\/outdoor is a lot additional than is in Healthe Trim.

I point this out to show that you that “supports liver function” is a vague (but legal) claim called a structure function claim. For far more on structure function claims, see the FAQ Page.

I don’t feel people need to have supplements that include methionine. Other motives for this are that some analysis hints that higher levels of methionine may enhance heart disease. At least a single study notes that cancer requires methionine to develop. I do not believe Healthe Trim causes cancer. Methionine is truly an crucial amino acid that we require and have to get from food (we dont make it naturally). I mention this to reinforce that all-natural does not imply safe for everybody.

For people today asking yourself if Healthe Trim is protected, I do not feel the methionine in this product will harm any one but I also see no proof that methionine is necessary wholesome individuals looking for weight loss. Methionine is also discovered in the weight loss Caroline’s Treasures supplement Fat Stripper patriotic indoor\/outdoor so read that for additional info.

Update 7/25/11. Thanks to Tammy, a single of the readers of my web page, I became aware that Healthe Trim also includes Garcinia Cambogia (also named HCA) which is a fruit. Some have speculated that garcinia cambogia can inhibit the fat storage approach and that is why its patriotic indoor\/outdoor in some weight loss supplements – but is there any proof that garcinia patriotic indoor\/outdoor cambigia aids weight loss?

Nicely, a single study showed it may possibly. In this study, published in 2002, 12 guys were provided either a placebo or the placebo that also contained garcinia cambogia.

When the men got the garcinia cambogia, they lowered their food intake by 15%-30%. Interesting.  The guys in this study had been provided 900 mg of garcinia cambogia a day for 2 weeks.

How a great deal garcinia cambogia is in Healthe Trim? They don’t inform us. Also, retain in thoughts that this study did not look at weight loss. It only looked at irrespective of whether HCA helped folks eat much less.

If garcinia cambogia can aid folks drop weight or  not is type of controversial but for now, I am willing to leave the door open until additional research is completed.

For far more details see my critique of Garcinia cambogia weight loss investigation.

Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) and Liver Problems?

In 2009 the FDA recieved reports of liver failure from HydroxyCut  – a supplement that contained garcinia cambogia.  At that time the FDA had 23 reports of liver complications like 1 person who died.

Other troubles reported from hydroxycut use included rhabdomyolysis (muscle cell death) and kidney failure.  Here is a assessment patriotic indoor\/outdoor of the liver failure hydroxycut issues.

But, did garcinia cambogia result in liver issues or was it one thing else in HydroxyCut?  Or was it a mixture of garcinia cambogia and other ingredients? No one knows. Garcina has been eaten for thousands of years but is it achievable that it acts differently when its HCA ingredient is concentrated in supplements? Once again, I’m just not confident.

At this time, most of the liver issues I am aware of involve HydroxyCut. I’m not conscious of any analysis that especially links garcinia cambogia (by itself) patriotic indoor\/outdoor to liver failure. That is good news but till more is known, it really is smart to speak to your medical professional first, in particular if you have any liver troubles to get started with.

Mulberry Leaf

Like a number of other components currently listed, mulberry leaf is also discovered in other weight loss supplements like Zi Xiu Tang, Phentraburn and Lovely Slim Body. It seems to have a blood sugar lowering effect.

Gymnema Sylvestre

I covered this ingredient when I reviewed the weight loss supplement Glucotor v2

Eleutherococus Senticosus

This patriotic indoor\/outdoor is the fancy name for Siberian Ginseng. Apart from some research obtaining that Siberian ginseng could decrease flu symptoms, I can not uncover something proof it aids weight loss. On the Healthe Trim internet site they say it “promotes weight loss”. Exactly where is the proof? They also say Siberian ginseng “reduces stress”. Once again exactly where is the proof?

As an aside, I have a major chapter on all patriotic indoor\/outdoor the primary kinds of ginseng in my book Nutritional Supplements What Operates and Why so patriotic indoor\/outdoor if you have Caroline’s Treasures that book just turn to the ginseng chapter.


I was a single of the very first people in America to take a long, tough appear at the pyruvate weight loss study in the 1990s. I would have felt a little superior about Healthe Trim if pyruvate was one of the premium ingredients on the most important page of the Healthe Trim website. As an alternative, you have to click “other ingredients” to patriotic indoor\/outdoor see it.

That tells me there is not a lot of pyruvate in Healthe Trim. This is bizarre because out of all of the components in Healthe Trim, Pyruvate has the best high-quality weight loss research.

Pyruvate was common in the 1990s but speedily fell from grace right after men patriotic indoor\/outdoor and women like Bill Sukala PhD patriotic indoor\/outdoor and myself began asking challenging queries about the weight loss research.  Bill Sukala even wrote a peer reviewed paper on pyruvate.

Who Tends to patriotic indoor\/outdoor make Healthe Trim?

The company is called HealthyLife Sciences, LLC.

The Improved Enterprise Bureau gave the company a rating of “C-“ the final time I looked and there was an alert on the corporation pertaining to a run in with the Federal patriotic indoor\/outdoor Trade Commission stemming to how the product was marketed. See the BBB file for updates and far more data.

The people today On The Healthe Trim web page

Dr. Scott Carol (Michael Scott Carol)

According to his Linkedin profile Dr. Carol is a senior companion at Atlanta Allergy and Asthma in Atlanta Georgia ( He is also the owner of Doctors Care patriotic indoor\/outdoor Weight Caroline’s Treasures Loss. He patriotic indoor\/outdoor has also authored a book called Be Fat Cost-free Forever (1996), which according to the web-site “serves as the foundation for Doctors Care Weight Loss Wholesome Living, Inc.”. Dr Carol has participated in numerous published peer reviewed research on the topic of asthma.

Matthew Dwyer

Matthew is the founder of Healthe Trim. The web-site claims that Matthew lost 45 pounds in 90 days but I could not inform whether or not Healthe Trim brought on that weight loss. Monique –  the perky lady with the terrific abs speaking when you 1st arrive at the Healthe Trim website  – is the wife of Matthew Dwyer.

How Considerably Does Healthe Trim Expense?

You have to patriotic indoor\/outdoor give them your name, email, zip patriotic indoor\/outdoor code and gender to get to the page that tells you that Healthe Trim costs 54.95 per bottle. There is also a $7.95 shipping and handling charge which brings the total to $62.90 a month.

Here is Healthe Trim on Amazon.

Other Healthe Trim Goods

The Healthe Trim internet site lists a number of other solutions patriotic indoor\/outdoor Caroline’s Treasures such as vitamins, minerals, “heart health” supplements and cleansing supplements. I don’t feel any of these products are needed.

How To Return Healthe Trim

Healthier Life Sciences LLC is the business that makes Healthe Trim. The web page lists the Healthe Trim organization address is the Northridge Enterprise Park located at 8601 Dunwoody Spot Building 400, Suite 418 Atlanta, Georgia 30350.  To speak to customer service call 888-456-TRIM (8746).

Does Healthe Trim Function?

To know for certain if Healte Trim works, we would will need true clinical research published in health-related journals involving men and patriotic indoor\/outdoor women. Appropriate now I dont think the solution has that level of proof provided that I was unable where their clinical study was published. My individual opinion is that if Healthe Trim definitely does operate, it may be due garcina cambogia and/or caralluma fimbriata. Those ingredients I do see some weight loss proof for. That said, for these who opt for attempting just these components, I suggest trying just a single at a time to see how that performs initially, prior to adding in any other supplements.

Here is Healthe Trim on Amazon.

What do you consider?

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