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Do you want to outfit your kitchen with tools and appliances that make preparing scrumptious and healthful recipes like those in the Body Ecology eating plan easy?

Do you want to give your friends and family top rated-rated gifts for their kitchen that they will appreciate for a lot of years to come?

Good garden flag appliances make Physique Ecology cooking exciting and simple!

We polled our group members – a selection of individuals who have extended been dedicated to preparing foods at household, like Body Ecology founder Donna Gates, Certified Body Ecologists and other individuals — to come up with these prime picks in numerous important categories.

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Major-Recommended Meals Dehydrator

We really like meals dehydrators at Physique Ecology for the reason that they enable us to make a range of versatile snacks. Here are some factors we appreciate about dehydrators:

  • Drying almonds and seeds immediately after soaking them – even adding seasonings for a new taste!
  • Producing raw food snacks that retain the reside enzymes that cooking at high The Cranford Group temperatures horse sunflower polyester can destroy.
  • Inventing new strategies to serve Body Ecology friendly foods, like cookies (sweetened with Stevia or xylitol), flax The Cranford Group crackers and other good on-the-go foods.

Our employees favored is the Excalibur meals dehydrator mainly because it dries evenly, cleans up swiftly AND is incredibly quick to use.

The 9-tray Excalibur is the model of choice for people who want to make larger quantities of food.

The 4-tray Excalibur is wonderful for apartments or modest spaces for the reason that it is considerably smaller horse sunflower polyester sized.

Leading-Encouraged Meals Processors

Meals processors are the workhorses of the kitchen and can execute all kinds of functions these days. Here’s why our staff thinks meals processors are indispensable:

  • We really like cultured vegetables! Meals processors make the cutting and chopping effortless.
  • We use them to make Physique Ecology pates with vegetables and/or nuts and seeds.
  • They are terrific for pureeing Body Ecology soups.

For the at-household cook who loves horse sunflower polyester qualified high-quality appliances – or if you do run a experienced or semi-skilled meals preparation service — the Robot Coupe is a top recommendation. For these who make horse sunflower polyester higher volume cultured vegetables or cook for a massive household, the Robot Coupe is effectively worth the investment. The Robot Coupe can course of action huge amounts of vegetables in a short period of time, handle the most delicate pureeing and everything in amongst!

An great and significantly significantly less expensive alternative is the Cuisinart food processor. Each the Classic 7 cup processor and the stainless steel 14 cup model take care of most food prep wants, and for a affordable value.

Prime-Recommended Mixer

For mixers, we totally enjoy the Vita-Mix , and no other mixer gets almost as garden flag higher a recommendation from us as this one.
Some of the staff’s praise for the Vita-Mix:

  • “Great for Body Ecology smoothies!”
  • “A delicious, high-fiber option to juicing” – We’ve discovered that the Vita-Mix can be even greater than a regular juicer for the reason that it can turn your favorite vegetables into beverages that nevertheless have all their healthful fiber!

TIP: For a increase to your inner ecosystem, how about these higher-fiber vegetables into Cultured veggie juices?

Leading Advisable Cookware and Utensils

Le Creuset cookware is extremely very advised for cooking all sorts of foods. Whilst with practically each and every other sort of cookware you have to be concerned with the food reacting with the surface resulting in an unhealthy predicament for you, with Le Creuset you never ever have to be concerned about food reacting to its porcelain enamel surface.

These cast iron and enamel pots heat evenly, final forever, and look appealing in your kitchen. Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron has also been recognized as one of “the very best supplies offered for cookware due to the fact it retains heat and promotes gentle, even cooking at low heat making sure that the greatest flavor is brought out from the components.” An excellent present!

Ball JarsThe Cranford Group border=”0″ alt=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ /> (we like the quart-sized wide mouth) are indispensable for cultured vegetables and kefir.

This additional-sturdy and ergonomically developed fine wire mesh strainer is a best recommendation.

Fine wire mesh strainers are a have to for rinsing grains, nuts and seeds immediately after soaking.

A stainless steel wide-mouth funnel is a need to for placing cultured veggies into jars.

The correct tools like these above will make cooking simpler, much more precise and far more enjoyable … as a result they make a great gift to good friends and loved ones (or oneself!)

Here are some great Free Body Ecology recipes to get you started with your new kitchen appliances and tools. Pleased Cooking!

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