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Deanne, 1 of the readers of my web-site recently asked me to take a look at a supplement called house flag se Glucotor v.two. After reviewing the ingredients and solutions web page I was intrigued, so this a single is for you Deanne 🙂

Glucotor v.two, made by Baseline Nutritionals, is billed as the “ultimate metabolic enhancer”. I am guessing that Breeze Decor the “v.2”. component of the name suggests that this is the 2nd version of the supplement but I am not confident. Glucotor is stated to “support your body’s capacity to preserve healthy blood sugar levels and optimize glucose metabolism”.

Ironically, the internet site also states that Glucotor v.two:

is not a diabetes formula and is not sold as a diabetes supplement.

Rather, the supplement is supposed to help men and women “manage lots of of the issues related with a poor eating plan (especially higher sugars and higher glycemic foods)”. I find this intriguing since on the products web site I see that Glucotor v.2 may do all of the following:

  1. Enhances the body’s ability to metabolize glucose breeze decor and fats
  2. Smoothes sugar Breeze Decor spikes from higher glycemic meals
  3. Mimics the life extension potential of calorie restricted diets
  4. Contains Gymnema Sylvestre to support healthier blood sugar levels
  5. Formulated with Cinnulin PF, a cinnamon extract to improve glucose metabolism
  6. Supports pancreas and liver health

four out of these six claims have to do with regulating blood sugar levels – one of the large concerns individuals with diabetes be concerned about.  But but, they say it is not a diabetes formula or diabetes supplement.  To me, it seems like they want to assist diabetics   – but never want to come out and say it really Breeze Decor is for diabetics.

I realize why they would say this Breeze Decor on their web-site – it’s their way of saying do not use this item in spot of diabetes drugs. I do applaud them for saying this but, I also fully grasp why a diabetic may possibly be interested in this product.

Glucotor components

Nopal cactus 300 mg
Konjac mannan 233 mg
Gymnema sylvestre (25%) 192 mg
Fenugreek extract (60%-80%) 300 mg
Cinnulin PF (R) one hundred mg
Bitter melon extract 67 mg
Corisolic acid banaba breeze decor leaf extract (1%) 16 mg

Let’s  now appear at every single of these ingredients separately

Nopal Cactus

Yet another names for nopal cactus is prickly pear cactus.   Several studies (5 at the time I write this) have noted that nopal cactus can assist reduce blood sugar levels. Several house flag se research show that this ingredient may perhaps decrease blood sugar up to 46% in some house flag se people.

There are several species of nopal cactus. As a result far most of  the research showing it helps decrease blood sugar utilizes the species called Opuntia streptacantha. I could not decide which species of nopal cactus is in Glucotor v.two.

In addition, investigation tends to use the stems of the house flag se plant to lower blood sugar. Other  portions of the plant may possibly not have the very same effect. The web page also does not indicate which Breeze Decor element of the plant they are employing.

two capsules of Glcotor v.2 has 300 mg of nopal cactus. Investigation even so tends to use more than this – 500 grams – to reduce blood sugar. Decrease house flag se amounts could function also but I am not aware of any research.

Konjac mannan

This is another name for the fiber glucomannan. Glucomannan is also discovered in the supplement Glucosulin which I reviewed previously. To study much more about Konjac mannan read my Glucosulin evaluation.

Gymnema sylvestre

A handful of studies have shown that gymnema house flag se sylvestre can reduce blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C. But most research have made use of about 400 mg of gymnema sylvestre which is far more than is in Glucotor v.2. Once more, lesser amounts could operate also. I am just not conscious of any proof on this. It is almost certainly excellent that Glucotor utilizes much breeze decor less than this simply because some research suggests that gymnema sylvestre could increase insulin Breeze Decor production.

This suggests gymnema sylvestre may possibly interfere with insulin and other diabetes medications.

Fenugreek extract

Although the herb has fiber (most herbs /plants have fiber) fenugreek also appears to stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreases. At least one particular study has also noted that fenugreek might reduced triglycerides as well.

Every single time I see the word “extract” I usually wonder what element of the plant the extract is from. It appears that most of the active ingredients in fenugreek are in the seeds of the plant. house flag se That is in all probability exactly where the extract derived from but given that the web-site does not say I can not tell for confident.

To accomplish these results studies typically use significantly a lot more fanugreek that is in Glucotor. Studies often use about 10 grams of fenugreek per day, even though glucotor only includes 300 mg. That’s  not vital undesirable simply because fenugreek side effects can include things like diarrhea, abdominal pain and severe allergy .

Cinnulin PF

This is a fancy name for cinnamon. It house flag se really is really an extract of cinnamon. There is conflicting evidence on cinnamon and diabetes. Some research finds cinnamon can decrease blood sugar levels. other investigation finds cinnamon does not lower blood sugar levels. A further name for cinnulin Breeze Decor PF is cinnamomum burmannii.

Bitter melon

Like the other ingredients in Glucotor v.2, bitter melon also has proof. As I create this there are at least 5 studies that house flag se bitter melon can help  reduce blood sugar. Most research are older with some dating to the 1980s. Nevertheless, they hint that bitter melon could lower blood sugar and HBA1C levels.

Youngsters ought to keep away from bitter melon. There are case reports of bitter melon causing convulsions in youngsters. Pregnant females ought to avoid Glucotor. Bitter melon could cause abortions.

Vegicaps. As far as I can inform, the word vegicaps just refers to the capsules that include the other components. They care referred to as vegi-caps due to the fact the capsules are made from vegetable breeze decor material. This is good for strict vegetarians.

Will Glucotor help you house flag se reside longer?

On the Glucotor v.two website I see this statement:

studies have shown that the ingredients in Glucotor® v.2 may mimic the effects of calorie restricted diets, thereby possibly extending life itself. This is very thrilling.*

Seriously? In my overview, I did not see any published peer reviewed studies showing that the exceptional blend of ingredients in Glucotor v.2 slowed the aging course of action or extended the lifespan. Breeze Decor Consuming 25%-30% fewer calories a day has been shown in lab animals to extend life by as much as 40%. This likely works in folks also, but house flag se because we life so extended, its difficult to say for sure.

That mentioned, I can type of see how glucomannan – by filling you up – might make persons eat fewer calories. In theory, that may perhaps slow aging. But, as far as I can tell, this has never ever been confirmed in humans.

You will notice that asterisk at the finish of the statement (I’ve place it in red so you can see it greater). That’s their way of saying  that they can not prove that Glucotor extends life either.

Who tends to make Glucotor v.two?

Baseline Nutritionals is the name of the enterprise which also markets a assortment of other supplements in addition to Glucotor. According to their website (, they are located at 800 E. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104. Click the hyperlink to see what the place looks like. There is no listing for Baseline Nutritionals with the Better Business Bureau when I wrote this overview.  To make contact with Baseline Nutritionals, get in house flag se touch with (800) 440-3120.

How significantly does Glucotor v.2 expense?

As I create this, a bottle that has 180 capsules price $49.95. If taking two capsules with every single meal, 3x a day (6 capsules total),  this need to last 30 days.

Will Glucotor v.2 operate?

This is really a loaded house flag se question simply because the bulk of the evidence for the components in this solution is in lowering blood sugar levels – not correcting Breeze Decor the effects of consuming a poor diet program. I say this simply because the Baseline Nutritionals web page breeze decor especially says Glucotor is NOT a diabetes supplement.

That stated, based on the evidence I’ve reviewed I do Breeze Decor feel that some persons may possibly practical experience a reduction in blood sugar levels (though others may possibly not notice any distinction). But, will Glucotor v.two appropriate the troubles associated with eating a terrible diet plan? Honestly, I do not assume so because there is additional to eating badly than getting higher blood sugar levels.

Glucotor v.two is mentioned to be the “ultimate metabolic enhancer”. breeze decor Actually? Does Baseline Nutritionals really really feel that Glucotor v.2 is superior to physical exercise at enhancing metabolism?

Did you know there is “trick” that medical doctors use to “see” diabetes? It really house flag se is in fact a visual sign for pre-diabetes, called metabolic syndrome. Study my evaluation is there a all-natural cure for diabetes to see exactly where to look.


Based on what I could uncover out about the ingredients in Glucotor v.2 I come the following conclusions:

1. All of the ingredients in Glucotor v.two have some proof that they can assist reduce blood sugar levels. Some of the research are breeze decor house flag se poorly made, are older and have little numbers of individuals but they do exist nonetheless.

two. I could not uncover any studies specifically on Glucotor v.two or the exceptional blend of ingredients in the solution to Breeze Decor prove that this blend lowers blood sugar levels in humans. That stated, it is doable that in some individuals it would do this. Other individuals, may possibly not notice any difference in blood sugar, triglycerides or HB A1C levels.

3. All of the ingredients in Glucotor have the possible to interact with diabetes medicines. This is extremely essential for diabetics to bear in house flag se mind. It is encouraged that diabetics – as well as any person who has breeze decor a wellness disorder – take Glucotor v.two to their physician, a pharmacist and breeze decor even a registered dietitian (RD) who has expertise in supplements, ahead of applying the solution.

four. Pregnant or lactating females ought to stay away from this item given that some of the components may well harm the baby.

5. Kids/adolescents should stay away from Glucotor v.2.

six. I am conscious of no research that compare Glucotor v.2 to other similarly marketed supplements like Glucosulin or Diab-X.

7. I am aware of no supplement that rivals exercising in its ability to modulate blood sugar, triglycerides, Hb A1C Breeze Decor levels or other circumstances related with terrible eating habits.

If you never know the suitable way to exercise or consume ideal, leave a comment and I will be glad to give you some ideas on obtaining folks in house flag se your location who can enable you.

What do you assume?

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