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Update three/10/20. Have you been asked to attempt Shakeology – or piece glory impression grow to be a Shakeology Beachbody Breeze Decor Coach? I have – numerous occasions. I’ve been asked to try this item so numerous times from so many different people today that I decided to write this  Shakeology overview so you know the glory impression decorative information.  Is Shakeology secure? Will Shakeology support weight loss? These are inquiries I will address. As normally, I will hyperlink to the investigation glory impression decorative so you know I am not generating stuff up.  I don’t have a dog in this fight. I only want you to have the greatest details obtainable -totally free from testimonials, and web hype – so that you can make the ideal choice for you. Also, see the evaluation garden flag set of Ultimate Power Greens as effectively.

Also see my overview of vegan chocolate Shakeology. 

Shakeology glory impression decorative is a single of the solutions sold by the firm, BeachBody. Beachbody markets numerous wellness and fitness merchandise, possibly the most preferred of which the P90X exercise by Tony Horton. If you want to know Breeze Decor how Shakeology tastes, check out my Shakeology Taste Test.

What Does Shakeology Mean?

The suffix ology means “the study of” so Shakeology literally implies “the study of shakes“,  In this case, it really is a wellness and weight loss shake that includes a variety of fruits, enzymes, vitamins, protein, and so on.

It really is a catchy name and provides the glory impression decorative impression that there is some science piece glory impression behind Shakeology. But, when piece glory impression I entered “Shakeology” into the National Library of garden flag set Medicine web page, I identified no published peer-reviewed research on piece glory impression this product.

Most wellness and weight loss shakes don’t have any analysis to back up what they are saying but I wanted to double check just in case simply because the name of this product stood out to me.

On the Shakeology web-site, I noticed a reference to a study that drinking Shakeology can garden flag set reduced cholesterol levels but there doesn’t appear to be any published studies to back up this claim. At the bottom of the site (Shakeology.com) I see a reference that says :

“In a 90-day study, participants replaced one particular meal per day with Shakeology, ate a balanced diet program, and exercised moderately three times per week. Total garden flag set cholesterol was reduced on typical by 30% and LDL Breeze Decor cholesterol was reduced on typical by 38%.”

But, this does not glory impression decorative look piece glory impression to be a published peer-reviewed study. Inquiries I asked myself included:

  • Who were the folks in this “study”?
  • Had been they guys? Had been they females?
  • Did they have standard cholesterol or high cholesterol?
  • What was their LDL levels prior to the study?
  • Did workout play any part in the outcomes?

They do not tell us any of this information – and this is important stuff to know if we are to analyze how effective shakeology actually was.

Fruits contain soluble fiber and Shakeology has a lot of distinctive fruits, so the study outcomes kind of make sense. But, would the identical effect be noticed if people today just blended up some fruits themselves?

I don’t know.

Losing weight can also minimize cholesterol. So, did cholesterol and LDL levels change basically since of weight loss, rather than simply because of Shakeology? I do not know since it does not appear like the subjects had been compared to those who did not use Shakeology.

Shakeology Components

There are a LOT of components in Shakeology. Under you will see that I copied the ingredients from the Shakeology.com internet site (I employed the chocolate version) and separated them into diverse sections to make this assessment much easier.

Total garden flag set calories 140
Calories from fat ten
Total fat 1 g (two% DV)
Cholesterol 15 mg (five% DV)
Sodium one hundred mg (four% DV)
Total carbohydrates 17 g (six% DV)
Dietary fiber three g (12% DV)
Sugars 9 g
Protein 17 g (34% DV)

The total calories are based on 1 scoop (48 grams) mixed with water.

This doesn’t  appear also terrible to me. In fact, the calories, protein, fat and so piece glory impression on. are  related to other well-known protein mixes.  A scoop also has 135 mg of the sweetener, stevia.

Super garden flag set Fruit Blend

Shakeology also has numerous sorts of what they contact Super Fruits. Right here is the list:

Acerola powder (fruit) Cordyceps
Camu-Camu powder (fruit) Maitake powder
Pomegranate powder glory impression decorative (fruit) Reishi powder
Bilberry powder (fruit) Citrus bioflavonoids
Blueberry powder (fruit) Rose Hips powder (fruit)
Lycium (Goji) powder (berry) Schisandra
Açai powder (berry) Suma powder (root)
Acerola powder (fruit) Gingko powder (leaf) REMOVED

Update. Right here is my critique of the camu camu fruit study.

We are not told how substantially of each glory impression decorative and every fruit is in Shakeology, only that the total of anything equals 2075 mg (or about two grams). I’m OK with that provided that smaller amounts of phytonutrients (plant nutrients) have a tendency to pack a massive punch when it comes to overall health.

In the list you will noticed citrus bioflavonoids. This is technically not a fruit but rather a plant-nutrient (phytonutrient).

A couple piece glory impression of ingredients in this list did stand out glory impression decorative to me. One particular is ginkgo. I suppose they added ginkgo to Shakeology mainly because it  has some antioxidant properties. But ginkgo also has anti-blood clotting properties that in theory could interact with blood thinner drugs. There is also evidence that – in mice – ginkgo causes liver cancer. I’m not conscious of any human proof of this.

Ginkgo may perhaps also interact with drugs utilised Breeze Decor to treat:

  • seizures
  • diabetes
  • cholesterol
  • depression

Ginkgo is listed as the last ingredient, so I am guessing there is not a lot glory impression decorative of ginkgo in Shakeology but I felt this was worth mentioning.

Given that Shakeology has probably not been clinically tested in individuals who take prescription medicines, I personally would favor they take away ginkgo from Shakeology just to be protected.

Update: Ginkgo has removed Ginkgo from Shakeology according to this web page of the BeachBody web site.

Cordyceps also caught my eye. In some circles cordyceps is touted to increase aerobic exercise performance. But there isn’t significantly proof that cordyceps works and some study that cordyceps does not aid workout.

Shakeology also contains acai berry, which is one particular of the principal components in MonaVie  reviewed previously. For more facts on acai  also see Acai Berry A Evaluation Primarily based on The Information and The Acai Berry Eating plan.

Nondairy Probiotic Blend

Shakeology also consists of many probiotics. These are fundamentally friendly-bacteria. They are as follows:

Bifodobacterium longum Lactobacillus bulgaricus
glory impression decorative piece glory impression valign=”top” width=”287″>Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus casei
glory impression decorative width=”287″>Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 Streptococcus thermophilus

Probiotics seem to have a wide range of prospective makes use of such as assisting irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diarrhea.

Folks who have immune deficiencies like HIV piece glory impression must be cautious with probiotics and seek the advice of their doctor just before employing.

We are not told how significantly of every single bacteria is in this blend but  only that its total is 150 mg.  Normally the quantity of probiotics in a supplement are reported as  colony-forming units (CFU). Individuals could want Breeze Decor to ask how many CFUs are in this 150 mg.

Tip. ask “are the bacteria alive now?”. Occasionally the probiotic bacteria are alive when the solution is produced but die off the longer the product is not employed. This can cut down their effectiveness.

Proprietary Enzyme Blend (135 mg)

Amylase Lipase
Papain Protease
Cellulase Bromelain

What is an enzyme? Breeze Decor It is basically a protein. What takes place when protein reaches garden flag set the stomach? Its digested. Our bodies treat enzymes just like protein from whey, soy, chicken, and so forth. It breaks the protein up into amino acids, absorbs the amino acids and utilizes them to do whatever it demands – whether it be help to develop muscle or repair a cell in your pinky finger.

While I can sort of see how enzymes may assistance those who have digestion troubles, I never understood why healthy folks required enzyme supplements.

Other Components in Shakeology

Ashwagandha powder 100 mg Grape seed extract (seed) 50 mg
Barley grass one hundred mg Green tea decaffeinated extract 50 mg
Kamut grass 100 mg Holy basil powder (leaf)  50 mg
Oat grass one hundred mg Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) 50 mg
Wheatgrass one hundred piece glory impression mg


Occasionally named “Indian ginseng” this herb seems to have numerous effects like helping the immune technique. Most effects, nonetheless, have not been nicely studied. One particular warning that is at times talked about (but hard to corroborate) concerns pregnant females: ashwagandha may bring about premature birth of the garden flag set unborn infant. For more info, see my assessment of the weight loss supplement Avesil

Barley Grass

A few studies suggest that barley may possibly decrease cholesterol and LDL. As such, this may glory impression decorative be one glory impression decorative of the components glory impression decorative responsible for the observations in the Shakeology study mentioned above. Shakeology is mentioned to be gluten-cost-free.

Grape Seed Extract

This is a well-known antioxidant and is largely studied in people today who have heart illness. Shakeology only includes 50 mg of grape seed extract which is significantly less than that utilized in grape seed extract study.

A single study noted that taking grape seed extract (1000 mg/day) along with 500 mg of vitamin C improved blood pressure. Shakeology does not contain this a lot grape piece glory impression seed extract but I thought it was worth mentioning if any readers have higher blood pressure.

Holy Basil

At least one particular study has noted that holy basil may well reduce blood sugar levels following eating. As such it might interact with diabetes medications. Holy basil may perhaps glory impression decorative also interact with blood thinner medications.


I could not turn up substantially on glory impression decorative this ingredient. Some research hints that amaranth can decrease cholesterol levels.

The Shakeology Clinical Trial

Thanks to someone who left a comment, I became piece glory impression conscious of a Shakeology clinical trial posted on YouTube.  The study was commissioned by BeachBody and administered by Medicus Analysis.

Medicus is a Contract Research Organization (CRO), which signifies that they are contracted by many pharmaceutical, and supplement providers to do analysis on their goods.

According to the YouTube video that I linked to above, this was how the clinical trial was designed:

  • The study contained 50 folks and lasted 90 days.
  • Medicus researchers measured peoples weight, BMI and a variety of other well being variables like cholesterol and AIC levels.

Tip. Hemoglobin A1C is a measure of how bad diabetes is having.  Obtaining 6% or less glory impression decorative is normally considered standard. garden flag set The greater the quantity, the larger the typical garden flag set blood sugar level is – which generally suggests diabetes is acquiring worse.

  • Everyone drank two Shakeology shakes per day ―one for breakfast and one particular for lunch each day for 90 days.

Tip. From the video, it appears Breeze Decor that people today made use of Shakeology in place of foods they could ordinarily consume. This is critical. Hold reading.

  • The persons did not alter their diet regime or exercise program (except for drinking Shakeology in location of meals at breakfast and lunch).

Study Outcomes

According to the video, Dr. Udani, CEO of Medicus Investigation, notes that:

    1. Statistically important reductions in the need to eat lunch had been noted right after drinking Shakeology for breakfast.

piece glory impression style=”color: #0000ff”>Because hunger, immediately after lunch, was not described in the video, I take this to imply that drinking Shakeology at lunch time had statistical important effect on the need to consume at dinner.

    two. The video notes that the typical weight loss was 9.3 pounds. The greatest weight loss in the study was 24 pounds right after 3 months.

    3. The average reduction in total cholesterol was 7% after 3 months. The greatest reduction was 50% in some of the participants.

    4. Hemoglobin A1C (A1C) was reduced by an average of 5% after 3 months. Some of the men and women experienced as a lot as a 19% reduction in A1C levels.

glory impression decorative

What the glory impression decorative video does not inform us:

Here are some factors that I was unable to determine from the video:

  • How lots of people in the study had been males glory impression decorative glory impression decorative and ladies?
  • What have been their ages of the men and women in the study?
  • Did the study participants have any wellness troubles (higher cholesterol, elevated A1C and so forth.)?
  • Were the average reductions in body weight, A1C and cholesterol statistically significant?
  • Did Shakeology have various effects on physique weight, A1C or cholesterol levels in guys vs. women?
  • Was there a placebo group? Possessing a group in the study that did not drink Shakeology would make these outcomes additional meaningful.

Toward the finish of the video Breeze Decor Dr Udani says ” say:

“The final results we are seeing are only due to Shakeology.”

That’s a highly effective statement.  How do they know the benefits they glory impression decorative saw had been not merely due to weight loss?

By drinking 2 Shakeology shakes per day (in location of breakfast and lunch) persons have reduced their total calorie intake for the day. Lowering calories also can also:

  • Decrease bodyweight
  • Decrease cholesterol
  • Decrease A1C levels

Primarily based on what was stated in the video, I don’t consider we can inform if these values decreased because of Shakeology or simply because the people lost weight.

Dr Udani also glory impression decorative states the in the video that the study is beneficial because “it isolates the impact of shakeology,” In my opinion, the study, as depicted in the video, doesn’t do this for the reason that there is absolutely nothing to evaluate the effects of shakeology to.

For instance, in my opinion, a improved study would be:

  • Take those very same 50 people and randomly give them shakeology  ―or nothing at all  ―to see how they differ from every single other soon after 90 days.


  • Randomly give the individuals either Shakeology glory impression decorative or anything that had similar calories to see what happens soon after 90 days.

Of course, I would have to see the actual study to know precisely what occurred. My comments are based on watching the YouTube video alone.

I hope BeachBody Coaches will let me know if this study ever becomes published in a clincal journal so I can make much more informed comments. Till that occurs, Breeze Decor I am of the opinion that the effects discussed in the Shakeology Clinical Trial video piece glory impression are simply the benefits Shakeology causing weight loss –  and it’s the weight loss that is causing reductions in cholesterol, body weight and A1C levels, rather than a direct effect of Shakeology itself.

I think practically anything that causes people to lose weight can also cause reductions in cholesterol and A1C levels. See the “Shakeology and Weight Loss” section beneath for far more about this.

Shakeology Side Effects

For wholesome people yes, Shakeology is secure but for individuals who might not piece glory impression be wholesome, right here are some common items to feel about. This list is not full

  • begin with less than recommened for the 1st week
  • stop taking at least two weeks befor surgery
  • if you take any medicines such as blood thinners talk to your medical professional
  • Pregnant or nursing – ask your medical professional initially

In June 2013  the website, Consumerlab.com located lead contamination in Greenberry Shakeology. They identified 12.7 micrograms of lead per serving of Shakeology. BeachBody, the maker of Shakeology, responded to this by stating:

“While they seek to inform shoppers, they could be truly misleading consumers by not distinguishing in between dangerous heavy metals and these that are naturally occurring in plants, vegetables and minerals.”

Consumerlab, on their web site fired back stating:

“Lead contamination of plants typically occurs to do contamination piece glory impression of the atmosphere in which they have grown – normally brought on by industrial pollution or proximity to roadways, where  in the previous, cars made use of leaded gasoline. “

So, it sounds like Beach Physique is saying that the lead is a all-natural occurrence whilst Consumerlab is saying, the lead is present simply because the plants employed have been contaminated by the atmosphere in which they are grown.

Here is a link to the glory impression decorative Dr. Oz Show web site shows Beach Physique response to the Consumerlab findings.

In 2015 Consumer Reports glory impression decorative noted that Shakeology had been reformulated and they no longer detect lead. Shakeology glory impression decorative is now in the “approved” category. For extra on this, see my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology assessment.

Other Meal Replacement Shakes

Other meal replacement critiques worth looking at

  •  Physique By Vi Shake
  • Herbalife Formula 1 Shake
  • Isagenix IsoLean shake
  • P90X Recovery Shake
  • Correct Size Smoothies

Shakeology piece glory impression And Weight Loss?

In the Shakeology plan, persons are instructed to replace one meal a day with Shakology. They are also supposed to exercise 3x a week and eat a wholesome diet plan. This is comparable to the reasoning behind other weight loss plans you have most likely already heard of.  For example:

  • SlimFast: drink 2 shakes and eat a sensible dinner
  • Unique K eating plan: consume two bowls of cereal and consume a sensible meal

If you read my overview of Correct Size Smoothies, you may well keep in mind that the Appropriate Size Smoothie strategy was to replace 2 meals with 2 smoothies.

So, the concept behind Shakeology for weight loss makes sense just use the shake to lower the calories you consume.

The exact same factor is also accurate glory impression decorative for lots of of their competitors like the Isagenix Shake

So for individuals who do not have the time to eat nicely or make their meals, I can see how piece glory impression anything like Shakeology (or equivalent weight loss shake) would be eye-catching. People today are more probably to do issues that are uncomplicated.

How Does Shakeology Taste?

Does Shakeology taste good? I had a opportunity to attempt Shakeology thanks to a pal who gave me some samples. Right here are the final results of my Shakeology taste test.

Also see my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology critique for how it tastes.

How Much Does It Price?

When I wrote this assessment, the price of Shakeology  was $119.95 a month (30 servings). This comes to about $four piece glory impression per shake. You might be in a position to get piece glory impression it more affordable than this if you are a Group Beachbody coach and have other Beachbody coaches promoting items beneath you on the pyramid. As such, some people may well come to be Beachbody coaches as a way to get Shakeology cheaper.

Who Makes Shakeology?

Shakeology is created by the organization Beachbody also recognized as Beachbody LLC. Beachbody is not only is behind Shakeology but a wide range of other fitness-related solutions ranging from P90X to Insanity to name a handful of.

According to the Superior Business enterprise Bureau, BeachBody LLC is situated at 3301 Exposition Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404 .

Their make contact glory impression decorative with quantity is : (800) 998-1681.

What is a Team Beachbody Coach?

These are the persons who typically sell Shakeology and other Beach Physique solutions. Group Beachbody Coaches might or may well not have a background in fitness, health or wellness. On the TeamBeachBody.com site it says only that:

“You do not need to be a fitness or weight-loss expert to turn into a Beachbody Coach. You just will need to be ready to commit to altering your life.”

That is a tiny vague, piece glory impression so do ask about the credentials of a Beachbody Coach prior to you take any particular wellness suggestions from them.

The name Beachbody Coach is basically intelligent marketing.  Rather of calling the persons piece glory impression who sell Shakeology (and other Beachbody goods) Beachbody distributors, they get in touch with them garden flag set “Coaches”.  It is like Walmart calling their sales employees “Associates”.

To be a Group Beachbody coach, men and women pay $39.99 to commence.  Beachbody coaches obtain a commission for sales they make. Luckily, Beachbody coaches do not have to acquire Shakeology or other Beachbody products ahead of they sell them. Group Beachbody coaches also are applied to support men and women attain their fitness objectives. The extent to which they can assist would rely on how smart -fitness-sensible they are.

Bear in mind Beachbody coaches never have to know anything about fitness, health or wellness.

Beachbody coaches also try to recruit other folks to turn into Beachbody coaches. They in turn, get commissions on what their recruits sell.

So, Group Beachbody has a multi level marketing and advertising aspect. I am not against Mlm companies but it does by nature give incentives to coaches whose primary purpose is to recruit new people today rather than garden flag set promoting the solution. This ultimately could possibly dilute  the good quality of the coaching service.

So Does It Perform

Despite the garden flag set hype, Shakeology is just a low-calorie meal replacement shake. If you adhere to the program, you are going to probably drop weight. But that’s for the reason that of your eating fewer calories. Never believe the hype. Its all about eating fewer calories.

Here are much less high-priced solutions

What do you feel?

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