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The July 2010 challenge of Customer Reports made headlines by announcing that Muscle Milk and EAS Myoplex protein supplements Studio M contained high levels of arsenic, lead and cadmium. Consumer Reports (CR) hired an independent laboratory to test 15 brands of protein supplements.  The “Big 3” that had been highlighted as the worst offenders were:

  • Muscle Milk chocolate powder (higher cadmium and higher lead)
  • Muscle Milk Vanilla Cream (high cadmium)
  • EAS Myoplex liquid shake, original, dark chocolate (higher arsenic and higher lead)

This was pretty fascinating simply because of EAS is owned by Abbott Labs – a pharmaceutical business! A lot of people say supplements should be “regulated” like drugs. Abbott Labs has really higher good quality handle more than its prescription drugs and have no purpose to think that they would do any less in their dietary supplements. So, mentioning EAS was a surprise to me to say the least!

But, far more to the pole garden art point, did the protein supplements tested by CR actually include these toxic substances? I was curious so I Studio M called CytoSport, pole garden art the maker of Muscle Milk, to see what they had to say.

My Get in touch with to CytoSport

When I referred to as CytoSport they told me that the FDA tested Muscle Milk. They did not discover high levels of lead, cadmium or arsenic. Likewise, NSF International did not did stripes pole garden corroborate the outcomes of Consumer Reports either. I was also told that CR has not told CytoSport the name of the independent  laboratory that located the high levels.

Shouldn’t EAS and CytoSport be in a position to face their accusers?

CytoSport has a press release stripes pole garden on their web site in response to the CR article. They do make some excellent points so its worth looking at.

EAS has also responded to the Customer Reports article with its own press release

So where does this leave us?

The rule of thumb when it comes to science is that one particular study alone does not mean quite much. I personally would like to see the CR benefits reproduced a handful of more instances before I give it credence.  Also, the levels of toxins that consumer reports detected were primarily based on applying three servings a day. So, Studio M those making use of much less than 3 servings a day, are receiving significantly less (if the contaminants are actually present…). A serving of Muscle Milk is 2 scoops (300 calories). At 3 servings a day, that is 6 scoops  – and 900 calories!

Now, I would not be shocked by a bodybuilder utilizing this amount but I would be shocked by an typical person who was. Most folks who use this amount of calories without the need of adequate exercising will Studio M just get fat!

I’ve been reading Customer Reports for years. I have an open mind and am pretty considerably looking forward to seeing other independent laboratories test protein supplements.  Yes, there are issues with the way some  goods are produced and pole garden art it is also correct errors can be produced in testing. While it is practically impossible to eliminate all traces of these toxins from the food supply (compact amounts are in food as well!) lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury have no spot in dietary supplements.

So, if these toxins are actually present,  I know these pole garden art extremely nicely recognized providers will respond and when they do, it will be a positive step to making  the dietary supplement market that a lot better.

What do you believe?

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